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At Vertical Window Cleaning, we are experts when it comes to cleaning all types of windows including — single-pane, double-pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, patio covers, solariums and more.

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So, why should you hire us to take care of your home or your business?

One of the best advantages of our professional window cleaning services is that we will help extend the life of your windows. Leave the hard work to our skilled professionals and save your own time to focus on other important tasks. Also, cleaning your windows is not only time-consuming but can be risky. But you don't have to worry — we have the proper equipment and skills required to clean these difficult-to-reach areas.

Our top services

Gutter cleaning

A pressure washing machine cleaning a gutter.

Clean gutters are an essential part of your property's system to avoid roof leakages,  foundation seepage and basement flooding. Extend the life of your rain gutters with our expert maintenance service. We provide fast and easy gutter cleaning to safely clean your gutters without damaging your home and leaving any garbage behind. Let us perform this important maintenance that will preserve the long-term value of your property.

Screen repairs

A women repairing a window screen.

Keep the bugs out so you can breathe that fresh Rocky Mountain air! When your screens are showing signs of wear and tear, it's time to have some repairs done. Ensuring a perfect fit and a good seal for the replacement material is a delicate and often time-consuming process. Enjoy the full benefits of window screens with our quality maintenance services. We can quickly do the work of even the biggest screen repair jobs so you can enjoy the fresh air right away.

Pressure washing

A man pressure washing solar panels.

Preserve the integrity and aesthetics of your home and pavement with our unique pressure washing service. It also mitigates bacterial build-up, which protects your family's health. Do you own solar panels? After a while, dust, oily grime, scum, tree sap and bird droppings will reduce their transparency. You could reach 30% better solar energy conversion with clean panels. We provide professional and careful cleaning services.

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Our popular packages

Base Camp

We clean interior & exterior glass
+ wipe window frames

starting at
per average size pane*
(Does not include french panes)

We clean interior, exterior glass
+ track cleaning
+ screen cleaning

starting at
per track & per screen*

We clean interior, exterior glass
+ deep clean vacuum tracks
+ screens washed & sealed

starting at
per track & per screen*
*Certain adjustments may be need to made based upon; window condition, window height etc.

Our high standards

My windows are so sparkling clean, I booked Scott for another service 6 months from now and the price is so reasonable, I am getting him to do my neighbor’s windows as well. This was an excellent service. Highly recommend!

Sue n.

Scott was AWESOME! He came to clean our windows on a moments notice. Meticulous work, very detailed and knowledgeable about windows including stains and screens. He was kind, and great working around the three kids and three dogs underfoot! Plus his prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality. I would highly recommend!


Scott did a great job washing all of the windows in our two story house - inside, outside and removed and dusted the screens. He was very detailed and time efficient. The windows are so clear and clean we can't tell if they are open or closed!

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Our extra-mile services

Light fixtures

A sparkling chandelier.

If your chandeliers have been hanging for a few years, the crystals will get dusty and dull, losing their sparkle and light reflection properties. Keep your home looking beautiful and luminous by giving back your chandeliers their original shine.


An open skylight in a wooden roof.

We know that skylight cleaning can be quite a challenge for the everyday homeowner. Actually, you shouldn't risk your life climbing up your roof. Avoid taking the risk of water damage to your flooring and furniture and let the climbing experts do their jobs and bring the light into your home!

Shower glasses

A bathroom with a walk-in shower with cleaned glasses.

After a while, shower glasses can accumulate mineral and soap deposits that can damage them. To prolong the integrity of the glass requires special tools, chemicals and techniques that we can provide. Bring back the original sparkle that once graced your shower doors and walls!


A restroom with nice mirrors.

Bring your glass surfaces back to being shiny and brilliant. Having your mirrors cleaned regularly will prevent bacteria build-up. Nobody wants to check their hair, face or new outfit in a mirror that is dirty and has spots on it. You gotta be able to see how amazing you are!

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We are trained in safety

OSHAIrata International Industrial Rope Access Trade association
Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro
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SPRAT. Society of professional rope  access technicians

& Fully insured

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